Somaliland: Sum of All threats in Mass Destructions of National Heritage


Somaliland National Heritage under threat

Somalilandsun – Somaliland is endowed with a great wealth of rock arts, which spots a “buried treasures” and surrounding by powerful surprises. Protecting culture under attack, “destroying culture hurts society for the long term.

Why protecting Somaliland heritage is not matters? Rather than considering security issue and a vital part so far.

Somaliland archeology makes up one of the oldest era from: Paleozoic “ancient life”: Mesozoic “middle life”: Cenozoic “recent life” both gemological and Neolithic, when we separating the facts from fictions.

Somaliland Neolithic is oldest and the most testified records on earth of human thought in the recorded history, it shows vary imagines of human imaginations, its surprise gift left behind by our ancestors and irreplaceable and can’t exchange with a face value. Somaliland archaeology is linage indicator between Israel and Somaliland common heritage and it’s a gift, precious gift left behind by our ancestors, which can bring to their people together with pride, wealth and common commitment to share it and preserve it.

Somaliland archeology isn’t a distant past, it about today and tomorrow as well, where archaeology meets technology! Now what?

Unconstitutional mining groups and al-Qaeda like minded terrorists, include domestic traitors who are familiar with a smuggling of cultural antiques the Horn Heritage organization.

Therefore, we did express our concerns and recommends an independent investigation is needed, and held accountable to government individuals and foreign sponsors doing harmful act, and Prosecuting crimes against cultural property in northern west zone of Somalia “Somaliland” there is a growing reports and evidences as we demonstrate this report. The clandestine destruction of Somaliland shrines, monuments that constituted terror crime under room status. This attack is in no way justified by the exigencies of war, it seems to be rooted in the desire to eradicate religious Hebrew scripture marked sites and symbols. And other issues include Geo-politics and Archaeo-Politics between Egypt, Ethiopia and Somaliland. That archaeology and history still matters. Even in a globalized age.

The repercussions of this assault should be felt far beyond the Sanaag community and Somaliland itself. Nonetheless, there are at least three compelling reasons to address crimes against cultural property. The first relates to the special value that societies plan in cultural property, defined under the 1954 Hague convention for protection of cultural property in the event of war and peace as moveable or immovable goods such religious and historic monuments or rock arts.

The significant importance to people’s cultural heritage” cultural objects are intrinsic to a community’s identity and serve to provide future generations with a lasting record of the human experience.

The Sanaag traditional leader press conference may 2014. Held in Sanaag freedom park (Beert-Xoriyadda). The community leader and traditional leader condemned the cultural heritage destruction authorized the minister of Energy and Minerals: Hussien Abdi Duale. To the Chinese miners. And the minister of Sports and Tourism.the pictures we have posted here are evidences we have gathered. , some areas: Xarshaw,Geelweyte, Laasa-surad, Waaq-Daariya ( King Solomon’s Temple), ” Daban”, Karin, Godmo-biyocase, Taleex, Bulxaar among others. They embody the highest accomplishments of creativity, enduring and spirits. Therefore, we don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that the Somaliland Cultural property is under assault.

Such evidence revealed that the Somaliland archaeology is severity under exploitation both land and underwater. Therefore, we are demanding ICC’s investigation of cultural crimes in Somaliland and a foreign security whose preservation, conservation Somaliland and Israel common (Heritage marked on an ancient Hebrew scripts on rock arts) and we are suggesting, the important sites should be recorded in geospatial and transforms geographic information system (GIS) to facilitate oversight surveillances.

A fact that attracts the eyes of foreign extremists, mining agencies While Somaliland government system was hi-jacked by group of extremists in the executive branch.

This report implicates issues concerns and questions, the nature and magnitude threats and complex challenges facing Somaliland archaeology, includes: monuments destruction, tomb raiders treasures hunters and decay in graves Chinese and Ethiopian mining agencies was joined the fray. And That is too far exceptional to be ignored the current issues we identified.

Through cultural heritage and cultural land escape, history and culture become visible, tangible and vulnerable. Thus, they are important for the coherence and national identity of inherited population.

During situations of war and conflicts, the importance of archaeological values increase. There are numerous examples, history and modern of cultural heritage become targets for strategic warfare (weaponized decay energies) systematic act of terror in our current age (i.e, Afghanistan, Iraq, Mali and Somalia)

This has been especially evident in ethnically, tribal and religious motivated conflicts in Somaliland, among the most dramatic and spectacular examples of systematic destruction of cultural heritage in current times. ]

Therefore, international concerned institutions should do something and addressed this issue very seriously, before it is too late.

Ahmed Ali Abdi