Somaliland: Subject: Mogadishu Administration violated terms of Somaliland/ Somalia Djibouti Deal


(Somalilandsun) _ A fortnight after the Djibouti agreement between Somalia and Somaliland in which the 6-point joint communiqué was signed by the two presidents, the Somalia Federal Government in Mogadishu has first violated the deal that the two sides agreed – the points emphasizing that both parties to refrain from any remarks that are at odds with the dialogue or the developmental and reconstruction activity.

on 5th January 2015, officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Recourses (PMR) of Somalia had a meeting with the Chinese Embassy in Mogadishu and interfered the internal issues of Somaliland by fabricating a misleading accusation against ARC, a Chinese mining company: An infringement of Somaliland progress and security.

In reality, the objective of the meeting was a plot to dishonour the agreed points in Djibouti meeting on 21 December 2014 by the presidents of Somalia and Somaliland, his Excellency Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud and His Excellency Ahmed M. Mohamoud respectively. The issue against the ARC mining company in the Simodi mountains of the Awdal region of Somaliland was also a tactical point of gaining attention from the international community and creating a tension in the area to reinforce the case of Suldan Wabar, a rebel in the mountains of Awdal: This is a clear support to a someone who is jeopardizing the stability and the security of Somaliland and the neighbours (Ethiopia and Djibouti).

in a bid to reinforce the effectiveness of the plot, the local media was given a leakage or a hint of the meeting between the two ministries and the Chinese Embassy to spice up the issue and pave the way a for a later clarifying press release as Mr Farah Abdi Hassan, the Director General of PMR did on 7th January 2015: A provocative statement against the affairs of Somaliland.

The whole operation was a joint fight back mission against the Somaliland/Somalia signed agreement in Djibouti by individuals (mainly hailed from Somaliland) who held positions in the FSG as well as others in Mogadishu. Those individuals were discrediting President Hassan Sheikhs Mohamoud involvement in the meeting by violating in effect the agreed points as they use the government card by releasing statement and holding meetings against Somaliland.

The departing two ministers (undertakers) of both ministries are hailed from Somaliland and they are active supporters of Khatumo and Awdal rebels who are in opposition of the Talks between Somalia and Somaliland. The participants of that meeting in the Chinese Embassy and the subsequent press release that attacks the authority of Somaliland and foiling the continuation of talks between Somalia and Somaliland were apparently under the influence of Dr Ali Khalif Galaydh who flew to Mogadishu as soon as the 6-points agreement was released. Dr Ali told the press on his arrival to Mogadishu that he is up for a mission to dwarf that agreement and in effect this is the aftermath of his mentored exercise.

The trio are attempting to create a civil tension in Awdal region this time by using the name of the Federal Government and also they are aiming to seek the attention of international community by using ARC, the mining Chinese company, as a tool and a cover up for their heinous activity.

In fact the international community including the Chinese government knows that Somaliland government is in full control of its territory and can cope with its internal affairs, unlike Somalia, if the Federal Government of Somalia minds its business in the South . However, we urge the President of Somalia, Mr Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, to restrain and deal with the individuals in his administration who are always interfering the internal Somaliland affair. He must also be aware of those who are sabotaging his efforts and has no faith in his capacity, but always around for their egocentricity.

Mohamoud Arrale