Somaliland: Stop the Somalia Circus and Campaign Fairly, Ex Minister Bashe Tells Kulmiye


Ex Somaliland water minister Bashe Ali Jama

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- Somalilanders are tired of continued allegations that the Opposition Wadani party is affiliated with Somalia.
This is according to former water minister Bashe Ali Jama who termed the allegations by ruling Kulmiye party as a cheap vote seeking propaganda unworthy the time and efforts the ruling party puts into.
Stressing that presidential elections are being held in Somaliland and not Somalia, the former minister who quit both his water portfolio in the president Silanyo administration and joined Opposition Wadani party recently said
“Citizens of this country are not fools and though any association with Somalia is like an epidemic to them, terming Wadani as Mogadishu funded is cheap politicking”
This sentiments were expressed during an interview with Geeska Afrika in which he called upon Somalilanders to desist from clan based politics, maintain peace and vote for the Wadani party candidate Abdirahman Irro during the forthcoming presidential elections
“We all know what Kulmiye party is and what can be expected from its win” said Bashe Ali adding that unless Wadani wins the presidency what Somalilanders can expect in the next five years is continued inflation, corruption, unemployment and most negative institutionalized tribalism and nepotism.

In conclusion the resigned water minister reiterated his call to the effect that Somaliland is not part of Somalia thence Kulmiye should stop said insinuations and solicit votes through a policy based campaign.