Somaliland: Kulmiye Utilizing Public Assets for Campaign Purposes- M. Behi


Mohamed Behi Yonis

Somalilandsun – The presidential decree against political parties utilizing public property to Campaign for Somaliland presidential elections is nothing but a citizens hoodwinking gimmick.
This is according to senior Wadani party Official Mohamed Behi Yonis who alleged that the administration of president Silanyo is covertly facilitating the use of public assets in ongoing campaign by the ruling Kulmiye party.
Speaking to Geeska Afrika in Hargeisa, the resigned foreign minister said that it is the onus of the government to ensure a playing field for all during the campaign and more so as relates to a free and fair presidential elections.
Stating that the international community is eyeing the ongoing election process in the country Keenly, Mohamed Behi Yoinis told citizens to be the vanguard in ensuring that peace prevails while ensuring that the outcome of the November 13th poll was as per their wishes.
Said he, “our country has been an example of apt democracy in Africa and we should not let a few self-seekers destroy this image” adding that the recent presidential debate is exemplary of this democratic maturity”

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On the continued allegations by ruling Kulmiye that his Wadani party is closely associated with Somalia authorities, the Opposition politician said that this was not only fake news but cheap propaganda for the sake of alienating his party’s supporters.
“This Kulmiye fake news has not only been negated by the United Nations but by Somalia minister Yusuf Garaad not to mention that all citizens are now fully acquiesced of the nonsense”
Referring to the constitution of Somaliland which criminalizes such association, the Opposition politician said apart from the referendum which threw out any such cooperation with Somalia out of the window all Somalilanders are aware that it is actually the Kulmiye party administration led by president Silanyo which established closed connections with Mogadishu.
On the presidential decree against use of public assets, the ex foreign minister said that this was a sham order considering that the national tv and radio stations have been turned into Kulmiye campaign Channels not to mention other equipments as well as fuel and vehicles
“Public property should be left out of politicking and more so presidential decrees should be respected and adhered to by all” said Mohamed Behi Yonis