Somaliland: State Track Record on Development Impressive


Just acquired presidential and VIP escort motorcycles

By M.A. Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) -For the past three and half years, the government has stretched itself at great lengths and pains such that it may not only adhere to its pledges, but, in reality, to live up to the expectations of the enthusiastic patriots.

Most marked is the extent the Presidency Minister Hon. Hirsi Ali Hassan has been steering his ministry in formidable manner such that he has been able to either co-ordinate well with other state ministries, and if anything, formulate policies and implement whatever envisioned programmes he has been charged with.

Against all odds, and again, against the expectations of both friends and foes of SL, the minister has been able to ride against all tides and keep up to his spirits, working from dawn to dusk.

Not only arguably, but evidently, the busiest cabinet member Hon. Hirsi was quite patriotic and sincere when he welcomed over the week the introduction of the VIP Presidential motorcade bikes.

He categorically stated, “It is Praise to the Lord that we have been able to positively make tangible developments in various sectors through Devine Blessings”.

The God-fearing minister was truthful when he added, “much progress has been made in the rehabilitations and constructions of both the roads and government buildings or both the air and sea ports,” to mention but a few.

In juxtaposition, the developments have been achieved with updated, formulated or restructured governance line-policies.

Hirsi presidency minister The minister was quite right when he noted vividly that the motor-bikes were symbolically, and practically for that matter, apt to the envisioned procedural statehood services thus depicted that there was indeed the essence of nationhood with all the trappings associated with statehood hence stature of all arms of governance were quite well in place doing the naturally expected duties of building the nation.

With his words emitting sincere SL aspirations, he thanked in the same breath those who mooted the idea of the motorcade bikes and made their realization a reality.

It is in this same spirit that the THT reaffirms SL’s essence and supporting the administration of the day to the hilt such that the peoples’ aspirations may be speedily realized.

Given that the minister has given tens of dozens of speeches everywhere he went and wherever he had a dutifully been bound in monitoring, supervising or presiding a function, it is worthwhile that we should reproduce one such speech to underscore and inevitably, underpin by summing up the extent the state has gone to live up its expectation.

Similarly, the efforts made to send three workers of the State House for advance specialized 3-week induction courses to Europe, likewise shades light on the administration’s intent of upholding diligence.

Surely the state needs support hence is worth being praised as deserved.

Doomsayers are of course confounded, day in day out, as we march ahead with only the skies as the limit.

Indeed, according to his own words, no amount of distraction or intimidation would impede, hinder, curtail or slow this march forward.