Somalia: Satire, Sarcasm or Genuine SFG concern for Ukraine


By: Mo Ali/Medeshi

Somalilandsun – The Somali Federal Government-SFG which only controls parts of the capital , Mogadishu , and the rest of the country under either Al-Shabaab or Clan administrations is concerned thence strongly supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of another country far in Eastern Europe.

– In the leaked letter shown below , the Somali government expresses it’s concern of the deteriorated situation in Ukraine.

I wonder since when has Somalia become concerned about the unrest happening in other parts of the world while its country is in turmoil and while the so called government only exists in parts of the capital with the support of the 22,000 strong Amisom forces supplied by the African union.

Somalia had no working government between Jan. 1991 and Aug. 2000. A fragile parliamentary government was formed in 2000, but it expired in 2003 without establishing control of the country. In 2004, a new transitional parliament was instituted and elected a president. The current president was elected by the parliament in August 2012.

The letter :

As the saying goes ” God helps those who help themselves” . Somalis should put their house in order before making statements on the affairs of other sovereign states. This does not help Ukraine but only ridicules the Somali government.

I take this as sarcasm rather than genuine concern.