Somaliland: “State to Uplift Health and Educational Standards in Sool Region” Dr Haglatosie


As the Somaliland health minister reveals that the Government has set aside $2.5m for immediate development activities in the country’s eastern region”

The foursome team of Somaliland government minister led by Dr Haglatosie patrol the streets of Las Anod

By: Yusuf Masan
LAS ANOD (Somalilandsun) – The Traditional leadership in Sool region is not satisfied with public service provision by the Somaliland central government.
The dissatisfaction was expressed during a meeting between visiting ministers from Hargeisa flanked by Sool regional administrators and traditional leaders at Hamdi hotel in Las Anod town.
The ministerial team led by Health minister Dr Suleiman Isse Ahmed ‘Haglatosie included Prof Farah Elmi Gedoole-Education, Ali Jama Bureed-Fisheries and Osman Abdilahi Sahardid ‘Adani’-state minister for Finance.
All the traditional leaders who were first to address the meeting informed the government team that Sool region lags behind other regions of Somaliland as related to availed public services especially in the Education and health sectors.
In concurrence the leaders added that while residents are determined to continued faith in the administration both regional and central the main difficulty is forgiving numerous but unfulfilled promises made by every visiting government delegation from Hargeisa.
In response to the elders the health minister Dr Haglatosie who acknowledged the low standards of public services in the region compared to others in the country notwithstanding reasons behind the anomaly.

Some of the Traditional leaders who infirmed visitng Somaliland ministers of difficulties engullfing residents of Sool Region
While revealing that the government has set aside $2.5 to be utilized in sprucing up various sectors in the region the health minister informed that his delegation was dispatched with authority to start the ball rolling.
Said he “We are here not to bring you empty promises from Hargeisa but to actually initiate development projects”
In regards to his portfolio Dr Haglatosie who reminded that he has so far availed a number of Doctors and put in place some Mother and Child healtSomaliland Minister of health Dr Haglastosie revealed a 2.5 government package for Sool Region Development h Centre’s-MCHs told the gathering that in his entourage were a General Surgeon, a Gynecologist and Pediatrician seconded by the Somaliland health ministry to serve at the Sool Regional hospital at Las Anod.
“My ministry is also supplying the regional hospital with drugs while any necessary equipment required shall be procured pending request by the new incoming doctors”
Similarly all the government team members gave their solemn word that the government is intent on embarking on activities that will place Sool at par with other Somaliland.
According to Education minister Prof Farah Elmi Gedoole his ministry is aware of the low educational standards prevalent in the entre Sool region especially in rural areas that do not even have a single secondary school.
“While apologizing for what you termed as empty promises of the past I hereby inform you that my presence here is not to make promises but to actually initiate development of education facilities and services” said Prof Gedoole

After the elders meeting the ministerial team embarked on development activities that saw the Health minister lay a foundation stone for extension of the Las Anod General Hospital with his Education compatriot Prof Gedoole initiating construction of a boarding school.