Somaliland: State to Support Police to the Hilt -President


President Silanyo gets a commander in chief saluteBy: M.A.Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo has pledged that he and his administration will support the Police force in their chores when he had a hectic day in national security development tour, top most amongst them, celebrating the 19th national police commemoration.

The Head of State first opened a new two-storeyed building head-quarter for the immigration department before proceeding to the Ministry of Interior where he laid the foundation stone for a new storeyed offices building.

Thereafter he went to the Police Headquarters where he joined the force in celebrating the 19th year of its formation (since 3rd November 2003).

“It is an esteem honour for me to open (cut-the-ribbons) of such a beautiful building,” said the President.

He added thaInter units march pastt, “This is the epitome of how far our security forces have reached”.

The President thanked the Japanese government with whose courtesy the building was put up.

Representatives from the Japanese’ Nairobi Embassy were present at the function.

Interior Minister Hon. Mohammed Noor Arrale had good words for the immigration department saying that the immigration department had professional and well experienced security officers.

On his part, the head of the department Cmdr. Mohammed Yusuf said that during the Kulmiye tenure his department has managed to post officers at all corners of the country. “All along our SL/ Ethiopian 160km border and the 860km seashore, all ports (air and habours) have immigration posts monitoring movements”.

The Head of State profoundly thanked the police force and other security apparatus for their tireless efforts in standardizing their profession.

“I profusely thank the security forces at all levels,” he said, and added, “given that all the sections we visited in the morning depicted high stanReady and prepared for defence of law and orderdardization and patriotism, I praise the forces for their noble work”.

The President pledged full support to the department at all state levels saying that “I pledge that my office and that of my administration will help and back the forces to the hilt wherever and wherever applicable”.

He prayed to God for good health and more progress for the department, come next commemoration.

The UK government gave the security forces 13 new vehicles 4 more vehicles were received earlier courtesy of other bodies.

So far 57 senior police commanders have received specialized courses, just as 1206 other constables at different levels and fields have undergone short seminars (trainings) according to the Chief Police Commander Abdillahi Fadal Iiman.

He said thaRapid reaction  & Special protection capabilitiest the UNDP has so far supplied 4000 pairs of police uniforms to the department.

The Police Force comprise of the regular, SPU, RRU and STU Police units.

They also have a bomb disposal sector.

Several cabinet minister attended the functions amongst them Hon. Arrale, Hon, Abib, Hon, Samale, Speaker of the Guurti Hon. Suleiman M. Aden. Presidenial spokesman Mr. Ahmed Suleiman and Senior police and security commanders were also present.

Members of cultural troupers were amongst entertainers who treated the audience with thought provoking concerts.