Foreground A police officer in the new uniform and colleague in the old recieve the president at police HQsBy; The Horn Tribune

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Yes, it is truly so far so good for the directions and steps taken by Somaliland Forces, especially the police sectors.

We indeed have gone a long way since the Ina-Gurey days. However what is upper most in the minds of real patriots, as concerns our security apparatus, is the fact surrounding the emblems and logos of our forces.

Is it not quite shocking that as day in day out, month after month, year after year, and upto now, two DECADES later, when we see a new flag or uniform (belts), we only see the sickly Somalia regime’s security forces’ dressing logos and emblems! Is it not the main thing our parliamentarians, ministers or forces commanders should have long ago dealt with, and seriously at that?

How then can we be held serious and not seen as to be giving lip service to our re-assertion of independence? How then can we top up and seal the last cork of our jubilation if not by discarding the most sensitive logos of the former Somalia regimes?

Why should the old emblems be a cross to carry whence it ain’t ours?

If we changed the money, national flag, passport and national emblem, why not those of the logos of our security forces?

Does it cost more money to paint our police vehicles with new logos? With all respect due and with all senses and nerves of unblemished real patriotism, we ask the departments concerned to see and deem this matter as the NATIONAL SECURITY one it is and, PLEASE, to do the necessary.

Ironically, one look at the caps, belts and vehicles of our security forces and the mind races back to the dark ages hence renders teeth to grind with chagrin

On the other hand we stand by the forces in commemorating and celebrating their 19th year auspicious occasion since re-establishment.

At the same time we commend them on the noble work they do tirelessly with stark patriotism without grumbling.

In the same breathe we call upon members of the public and the government at large to help them such their tasks may be eased.

Wouldn’t their morale be boosted a thousand folds with new logos and emblems?

Yes, we believe so.

This editorial is in the current issue of the government owned The Horn Tribune an English weekly newspaper published by the Dawan Media group in Hargeisa