Somaliland: State to Establish a Trade and Investment Advisory and Promotion Office in the UAE


The Somaliland minister of Commerce and Internaional Invesment Dr Mohamed A Oma briefs on UAE working visit

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Government of the United Arab Emirates is intent on promoting trade and investment with Somaliland.

This was informed by the Somaliland minister of Commerce and International Investment Dr Mohamed Abdilahi Omar during a press briefing at the presidency in Hargeisa after participating in talks between the visiting UK minister for Africa Mark Simmonds and President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo.

In Elaboration Dr Omar who returned a day ago from the UAE commercial capital of Dubai where he led a delegation representing the country in the Annual Investment Conference said that following a meeting with the Emirates minister of Economy Mr. Sultan Mansouri arrangements to establish a permanent Somaliland Trade and Investment Advisory office in the Gulf country were agreed upon.

“The advisory office will not only foster closer economic cooperation between our two countries but act as a one stop shop for information on abounding multi-sectored business opportunities existing in the country and advise on official foreign investment polices as well” Said Dr Omar

During the bilateral meeting held on 10th April, the two Ministers talked about the current trade between the UAE and Somaliland and areas that need to be developed with a specific focus on the possible investment projects that UAE can get involved in Somaliland, particular in the productive sectors such as fishery, hydrocarbons and cements. They also raised the role the UAE can take in helping Somaliland in developing tourism industry.

The two sides also envisaged exchange visits in a bid to streamline their trade relations and the scope for developing a sustainable and inclusive investment.

Having initiated the mechanisms for the UAE based Somaliland Trade and Investment Advisory office the Commerce and international investment minister who was upbeat on operationalizing sooner rather than later also briefed on the diversified networking undertaking during the Annual Investment Conference 2014 where over twenty Arab and select African countries were represented.

In the course of the conference which brought together ministers of Economy/Commerce from the invited countries issues related to Somaliland were brought to the fore with many showing an interest and promising to act further upon return to their respective capita cities.

The Somaliland team led by D Oman and including the Director General in the ministry of Foreign Affairs distributed official booklets prepared by the ministry of commerce and international investment detailing the Somaliland investment policies and opportunities.


Somaliland: Minister of Commerce and International Investment meets with UAE Minister of Economy