Somaliland: Gabile Local Council Perfects the Art of Disposing Mayors


By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

GABILE (Somalilandsun) – members of the Gabile local council are planning for an extra ordinary session with the sole aim of disposing their mayor.

According to reports the special meeting though to be attended by the full council is intend on defrocking the sitting head of the

Gabile local council Mayor Shuaib Mohamed Muse.

If the plan succeeds Mayor Shuaib who assumed office after disposal o hi predecessor will become the third occupant of the office in Gabile to be kicked out of office dishonorably.

Embattled ShuaibHaving made Somaliland history as the first local council to elect a woman as mayor in the person of the indefatigable MS Katra Haji Geedi the male dominated council evicted her from office almost year later due to what was perceived as envy at the manner in which the lady turned fortunes around especially as pertains to Sanitation and welfare.

The Gable mayoral saga ensued after the originally elected holder Mayor Mohamed Gelle seeth was unceremoniously disposed after alleged corruption and replaced by Abdulqadir Omar Greek replaced with Mohamed Abbas Jama , exchanged with Hussein Jameeo , replaced with Aden M Badey who was subsequently replaced with his deputy MS Geedi who was replaced by Ahmed Mohamed Qalib who was himself disposed and replaced with the now embattled Shuaib.

Katra Haji Geedi 1st Somaliland woman mayor

Incidentally all disposed mayors apart from MS Geedi came after being accused of maladministration of council assets mostly cash.

With the growing number of disposed mayors and the now planned extra ordinary session it appears that most likely Gabile will have its ninth mayor in as many years

Having entered the annals of history as the first o elect a woman as mayor the Gabile local council also holds the record for having the highest number of disposed mayors.