Somaliland: State Returns Vehicle Belonging to Puntland VP


After the VP’s Driver Absconds Garowe, Surrenders self and vehicle to Army
Somaliland ministry of interior officials hand oer keys of VP Amey car to puntland security officials

By: Yusuf M Hasan
WIDHWIDH (Somalilandsun) – The government of Somaliland has returned to Garowe a vehicle belonging to the Puntland Vice president.
The vehicle was brought to Somaliland by the driver of Punt land’s VP Abdihakin Abdillahi Omar ‘Amey’ and nabbed by the army in Widhwidh town of Sool Region.
The unusual gesture that saw the vehicle returned to Somaliland was undertaken by Somaliland interior ministry officials namely advisor to the minister Ahmed Hasan Egal and Spokesperson Jamal Abdi Muhumed.
The two interior ministry officials who departed Hargeisa on Thursday a day after the driver and vehicle were put in the custody of the army returned the vehicle to Puntand  this Saturday.
According to a statement released by the interior ministry in Hargeisa the act was made in pursuit of establishing sustainable neighbourliness with Somalia and its administrative region of Puntland.
The car privately owned by the Puntland VP Abdihakin Abdillahi Omar ‘Amey’ was initially handed over to the army the VP’s Driver who absconded with it from Garowe the capital of the Somalia administrative region to the East of Somaliland.
According to journalist Feisal Afgaab of Dawan newspaper the driver said he escaped Puntland because of livelihood difficulties as a result of many months without pay.
The driver who is a relative of VP Amey though safely in the hands of the Army where he has received much needed sustenance has asked to be transported to Buhoodle town in Sool region where both he and VP Amey come from.
The escape this time by a personal employee of a senior figure on reasons of non remuneration is further proof that the administration of president Abdiweli Gaas is driving Puntland to near collapse.
Devoid of strategies to govern his domain Abdiweli Gaas is obsessed with Somaliland where he aspires to annexing some parts of its Eastern regions of Sool and Sanaag an action he justifies on the pretext that his Harti clansmen predominate.
Just the other day Abdiweli Gaas dispatched an incursion his interior minister Ahmed Kharaash accompanied by a heavily armed security detail to some parts of Sool region with the clear objective of an unsuccessful enticement to the Somaliland army for a fight.
Both VP Amey and minister Kharaash who are natives of Sool region are in the eyes of law considered traitors to Somaliland for not only owing allegiance to Somalia but championing insecurity in their region of birth.