Somaliland: State Reciprocates Acknowledgement of Sovereignty


Galmudug State of Somalia supports recognigtion of Somaliland

By: Latifa Yusuf M. Hassan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Authorities in Hargeisa have thanked the Somalia regional administration of Gal-Mudug and residents of Abduwak District in extending supportive hand to Somaliland’s sovereignty.

The state also acknowledged the manner in which the Diaspora fraternity exulted the festivities in addition to commemorations marked locally including regional & grassroots ceremonies.

This was informed by head of Presidential Press Service (PPS) Ahmed Suleiman Duhul who valued the initiatives taken by people from regional administration of Galmud & the District of Abduwak in Somalia where they overtly displayed their overwhelming support to their brethrens in Somaliland for establishing a functional Government scheme.

Duhul of PPS

Duhul also recognized other jurisdictions that held Somaliland’s quest for attaining statehood albeit political constraints mostly from the ruling regimes. This includes cities like Bristol in UK where gigantic celebrations were shot.

Duhul gave special thanks to the national defense forces; police service, custodial corps that tirelessly ensured the success of the celebrations throughout the Republic by vigilantly & steadily maintaining law & order during the periods leading to the festive.

Watch the parliament of Galmudug state of Somalia Congratulate