Somaliland: State Pacifies Gumbur-Libaah Residents


After security forces in Toghdeer region arrest suspected killers of a local during water clashes
The 19 people suspected of Gumbur Libaah village clashes detained at Toghdeer regional police hqs in Burao

By: Yusuf M Hasan
BURAO (Somalilandsun) – 19 people have been arrested for suspected involvement in the clashes at Gumbur-Libaah village of Toghdeer region.
The arrest was confirmed by the Toghdeer regional police boss, Major Ahmed Mohamed Guutale during a press briefing in Burao town where he also attributed success in the mission to a joint exercise by police and army
Mid last week one person was killed following Violent clashes in Gumbur-Libaah village located Southwest of Burao the Toghdeer regional capital, thence subsequent security operations not only to restore calm but apprehend culprits.
“We have arrested 19 people and three vehicles in which they were traveling in and currently at the Burao central police station pending investigations” said Major Guutale
Adding that other suspects finger in the clashes related to ownership of water source flowing to the main area water reservoir are being pursued the regional police boss also thanked local elders for facilitating a fast return to calm.
“Despite the one death, joint efforts by Gumbur-Libaah elders, regional administration and security personal the clashes have ceased completely and calm established.
Stating that the detained suspects are 90% of those being pursued for organizing and active participation in events that led to death and disruption of peaceful co-existence in the area, Major Ahmed Mohamed Guutale promised to ensure that all those involved are arraigned in court to answer for their crimes.
 Mayor Mirad and Major Gutaale say the situation is stable The press briefing was also addressed by the Mayor of Burao, Councillor Mohamed Yusuf Murad who commended the security personnel for their fast action that ensued with the arrest of suspected perpetrators and subsequent pacification of the area.
Terming citizens as now more aware of the imperatives of government and security forces, Mayor Murad who praised local for their full cooperation with with authorities thence the prompt return to calm in the area, said
“A short while back things would have run out of control because the suspects would have been shielded from law enforcers by their relatives but in this instance it is the relatives who gave them put”
The water clashes in the area comes during severe drought in the eastern Somaliland regions of Toghdeer, Sool and Sanaag where residents are depending on relief donations for survival as can be ascertained by the international appeal made by president Silanyo recently .