Somaliland: State Executes Four Condemned Soldiers


By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Death sentences imposed by the Somaliland military court martial against four ex-soldiers were fulfilled in the capital Hargeisa on 11th January 2016.
According to the Attorney General Hasan Aden the four were executed by a firing squad as per court orders signed by the executive at the mandera maximum security prison in Sahil region having been found guilty of murdering colleagues at work on various occasions and duty stations.
The executed four are
1. Ex-Police officer Abdirizaq Mohamed Khayre for murdering his commanding officer late lieutenant Adan Guleid Dahir in Berbera town Sahil region.
2. Ex-army Serviceman Abdiaziz Saeed Warsame for the brutal murder of the officer commanding 93rd Battalion based in Badhan district Sanaag region late 2nd Lieutenant Bashe Ali
3. Ex-Police officer Abdilahi Abdi Elmi for the killing of a civilian Abdi Osman Ali in Hargeisa and
4. Ex-army serviceman Osman Hirad Diriye for the murder of a fellow officer late Ahmed Weli in Borame town Awdal region.
Though the attorney general did not mention it, the Somaliland capital was ripe with rumours purporting that the lady who killed her business partner late Ruqiya Ayanle in Hargeisa was also among those executed by firing squad. The rumours had dissipated by the time of going to press
In the recent past Somaliland has been engulfed by case of uniformed officers killing either colleagues or commanding officers at duty stations prompting the minister of Defence Ahmed Adami to instigate investigations by psychologists into the anomaly that has seen over ten incidents perpetrated separately on various occasions.
This is the second execution by firing squad in Somaliland since the country withdrew from its voluntary later turned fateful union with Somalia in 1991.

The body of late Ruqiya was dumped in this hole after her bizzare  murder

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