Somaliland: IOM Facilitates Support to Shipwreck Survivors


Somaliland and partner organizations provide relief to Shipwreck survivors at Harsho port in Erigavo Sanaag region

Somaliland sun – Local authorities in the Sanaag region of Somaliland are providing to the basic needs to more than 55 survivors of a fatal shipwreck off the coast of the yet to be recognized country in the north of Somalia.
This emergency response to the disaster that saw 36 deaths of the 106 mostly illegal immigrants from Ethiopia and South Somalia is courtesy of a partnership between the Hargeisa based branches of the International Office for Migration –IOM and Migrant Response Center (MRC).
According to an IOM statement local authorities are being supported with trucks to move the survivors from the tiny port of Harasho to the regional capital Erigavo where the two agencies are facilitating the administration’s provision of food, water, and medicine
migrants death in the red sea and gulf of adenRead the full IOM statement titled IOM Responds to Fatal Somaliland Shipwreck