Somaliland: State Establishes National Committee for Talks with Khaatumo


Somaliland health minister Dr Haglatosie and Khatumo leader Prof Ali K Galayd in a handshake of peace

By M.Darod

Somaliland sun – President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud (Silanyo) has formed a national level committee for the negotiations between the government of Somaliland and Khaatumo state, a faction led by the politician Ali Khaleef Galaydh.
This was stated by the minister of Information Mr. Osman Abdilahi Sahardiid (Adani), the minister congratulated Ali Khaleef Galaydh, the leader of the Khaatumo state for taking the option of negotiations rather than conflict, the minister said “ The president has formed a national level committee for the talks with Khaatumo, this committee contains government ministers and cultural leaders, and they are people who are all determined to engage in successful talks, Dr.Ali Khaleef and his colleagues have chosen the right path and that was a brave a decision for them to recognize that their people are Somalilanders and will always be, for them to realize that the best interest of all Somalilanders lies in peace and tranquillity rather than conflict,” The minister added “ After those talks are completed successfully and productively in a way that pleases all Somalilanders and the members of Khaatumo state we hope to have a conference attended by all the different members of the Dhulbahante clan in Hargeisa, or even where they are or pleases everyone.”
These talks with Khaatumo state come after president Silanyo’s efforts and initiative to host peace talks for the clans living in the east of the country and which have had good impact after the clans living Awr-boogays and Adhi-cadeeye of Sool and Sanaag agreed to take part the peace talks initiated by the president.
The minister affirmed of the president’s intent to address the power-sharing concerns of the clans living in the country’s eastern and western corners “Speaking on behalf of the president and his government i affirm the president commitment in addressing and studying the power-sharing concerns of the clans living in the country’s western and eastern corners in a fair and brotherly way that strengthens our unity and statehood.”
Source: Republican