Somaliland: President Urges IC to Play ‘Mediator’ in Divorce Negotiations with Somalia


As Amb Tarja reveals Finald’s intentions in support of producing renewable energy from the waste products.

Somaliland first family and Finnish delegation

By: Mahmoud Qodah
Somaliland sun– Somaliland President Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo has once again reaffirmed International community and Somalilanders that Somaliland’s elections will be held on due time and as scheduled by the National Electoral Committee which will be in the first quarter of next year, 2017.
President Silanyo stated this in a time he received Finnish Representative to Kenya Ambassador Tarja Fernandez in his Hargeisa office on this week, as he likewise urged International community to play ‘mediator’ in the forthcoming divorce negotiation proceedings with Somalia federal government.
“Somaliland Democracy is on the right path,” Said President Ahmed Silanyo who similarly confirmed his administration’s commitment and readiness for the forthcoming elections, “Expectedly the last campaign of the voter registration cards was planned to be done before the end of this month, as such all preparations related to the elections are almost complete.”
Mr. Silanyo, during his meeting with Ambassador, highlighted that holding elections and practizing the democratic system are not something new to his country in which he pointed to have a vast experience when it comes to elections, state-building and governance.
“We have our own inclusive system of democracy and peace-building. Our system is a unique one as we have started everything from scratch, as our people after – a long productive discussion among us – they decided to reintroduce their independence in 1991, which lost 1960, when the country had merged with the rest of Somalia voluntarily.”
“We have managed to create peace and stability in our country, and our people are happy with it,” he added.
President Ahmed Silanyo has likewise spoken about Somaliland’s position in contributating to the region’s stability as well as taking part international community’s efforts on fighting against fundamentalism and piracy.
Somaliland and Somalia sign one of the many unimplemeted agreement in Turkey/file photoThe President of the Republic of Somaliland has also shared with the Finns envoy how the bilateral negotiation talks between Somaliland and Somalia which several rounds have been held in Turkey, Djibouti and UK can be made a ‘fruitfulful’.
“I am urging for the International community and particularly your country, Finland to take part the negotiation talks with neighbouring Somalia as mediators. Somaliland is committed to maintain the good faith in order the talks become successful, despite Somalia’s unwillingness to have a good faith on the talks.”
Eventually the president thanked the Finnish government for its government’s cooperation as well as the humanitarian and especially health related aids to his country.
On her side, Finland’s Ambassador to Kenya MS. Tarja Fernandez expressed her happiniess and how she has been received in Somaliland. In the meantime, the Ambassador has endorsed how the preparations of the upcoming elections are going on in the country. She also noted that Internatinoal community is closely monitoring things as she urged government and all election stakeholders not to fall short and to keep their efforts in order to realize holding free and fair elections in the country.
MS. Tarja Fernandez highlighted that Finland was already working on health improvement related projects in Somaliland and that they were evaluating the implementation of those projects and also pondering if they will sustain such projects.
Finally The Finns also exposed their intentions in support of producing renewable energy from the waste products.
By: Mahmoud Qodah