Somaliland: State Brainstorms Inflation and Drought Counter Strategies


At a workshop jointly convened by the Presidency and Education Ministries in Hargeisa
Participants at the workshop on Somalilands inflation an Drought

By: M.A. Egge
Somalilandsun- The Presidency Minister Hon. Mohammud Hashi Abdi has stated that public management is usually administered through laid down national planning with appropriate policies.
The minister gave the sentiment during a consultative workshop convened by his ministry in conjunction with the department of higher education, which was graced by several ministers hence drew participants from the universities of Burao, Amoud, Nugal, Golis, Beder and Hargeisa.
He said that the level of education corresponds to the rate and level of development. He noted that the government has been largely indulging into the developing of public infrastructure and basic social needs.
The participants were nudged and coaxed to formulate ways and means of containing the rate of inflation and also combating the menaces of perpetual drought.
The two menaces are what have been afflicting the country and is presently at a serious note.
The Finance Minister Hon. Zamzam Abdi lamented that the currency circulation was constricted since most entrepreneurs invested in buildings.
Talking droughtnand inflation in Hargeisa Somaliland By and large, all the main speakers noted that with a country that has little or no production at all, concerted efforts by the members of the public and all stake-holding institutions ought to focus on the ways and means of getting out of the shell hence fledge prosperity.
The Workshop touched on all sections of socio-economical life and livelihood.
Speakers included education minister Hon. Abdillahi Ibrahim Habane, Foreign minister Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire, Agriculture Minister Dr. Mohammed Aw Dahir and Deputy Finance Minister Hon. Ahmed Hashi.
Several other cabinet members were in attendance.