Somaliland: Berbera Port to Avail Ethiopia its First Stake in Foreign Docks


“ But shareholding doesn’t necessarily mean recognition of Somaliland as a state,”
Ethiopia Eyes Role in DP World Managed Port in Somaliland

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Somalilandsun- Ethiopia, Africa’s second-most populous nation, is pitching itself as an export-oriented manufacturing hub, with the International Monetary Fund forecasting economic growth of 7.5 percent this year,
While this growth is the fastest pace on the African continent after Ivory Coast, and despite the export-oriented manufacturing hub pitch Ethiopia is hampered by its status as a landlocked country thence devoid of owned port facilities within its borders.
Depending on Djibouti for most of its shipping to & from country the Ethiopians who have been gradually channeling a sizable percentage of their shipping needs Berbera port in the unrecognized Somaliland are intent on accessing a more sustainable and permanent access to this port in the Gulf of Aden.
Following the $422m thirty year concession awarded Emirati firm Dubai Ports World by the Somaliland government to manage and develop the port of Berbera, plans are in place for the Ethiopians to secure shares in the DP world contract.
But according to a report by For the Ethiopians who are more than willing to grab any opportunity” to play a role in developing any port in the region, including Berbera, shareholding doesn’t necessarily mean recognition of Somaliland as a state,”
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