Somaliland: State Avers to Apt Law and Order in Las Anod


As interior minister reveals that Perpetrators Behind Recent acts of lawlessness leading to violent riot in the Sool regional capital Will Face Justice
We shall deter lawlessness in Somaliland pledges interior minister Yasin Mahmud Faraton

By: Mahmoud Qodah
HARGEISA (Somaliland sun)- In his speech with the traditional elders, intellectuals and other dignitaries in Sool region, the Minister of interior of the republic of Somaliland, Yasin Mohamoud (Faratoon), appeals to Lasanod’s residents to maintain the peace and security in the region after deadly protests took place in Las-anod city on September 4.
Three have lost their lives included one Police personnel and two civilians, where others suffered various injuries after security forces and demonstrators clashed. The Minister on working visit to his home region of Sool arrived on Tuesday.
“We come here (Las-anod) to stabilize and return things back to calm after the violent rallies in the region. We held roundtable discussions to the traditional leaders, intellectuals, and educated ones. Somaliland police commissioner Brigadier Abdilahi F Iman We deeply expounded to prevent any riots that can affect the security and the stability of Las-anod city as well as Sool region at large,” Minister said after having a closed door meetings with Las-anod traditional elders.
Mr. Faraton who has been accompanied by Police Commander Brigadier Abdilahi Fadal Iiman and the State Minister of Agriculture, Abdiwahid Abdiqadir Abdurrahman, noted that elders during the meeting highlighted that it things are not needed to be deteriorated. Likewise the Minister of interior added that investigation is already under way and that those perpetrators who had orchestrated the deadly clashes between the residents and the regional police forces will be taken before the justice. The riots have similarly resulted the burning and the destruction of a police truck and public properties.
On his side the Police Commander Brigadier Abdilahi Fadal Iiman who was flanked the minister of interior, said that they agreed with the elders to cooperate with handling the security issues in the region.
“We agreed to fully cooperate with the maintenance of peace and strengthening of the stability. When we accomplish our inquiry which is being garnered, we will take the suitable measures and everyone who had violated the law should face justice,” Brigadier Abdilahi Fadal said.
He called for Las-anod residents to give hand the security forces.
A jail break in Las Anod resulted in violent confrontations between some residents and policeThe Republican