Somaliland: Guul Group Pursues Trade and Investment Growth from Finland


After Finland Ambassador to Kenya reveals plans to support Somaliland with production of renewable energy
President Silanyo receives Amb Tarja Fernandez at his offices in Hargeisa

By: Mahmud Walaleye
Somalilandsun- Plans are afoot to entice more trade and investment locally by Finland based companies
Similarly Guul Group-GG a locally based international consultancy firm is establishing mechanisms that will facilitated the intend growth through Encouraging Finnish Diaspora and companies to explore opportunities in the untapped potential in Somaliland.
During a visit to Somaliland by Nairobi based Finland’s diplomatic envoy to Kenya MS. Tarja Fernandez the government in Helsinki which is already working on health improvement related projects in Somaliland is intend on extending support to local production of renewable energy from waste products
According to the firms CEO Mohamed Guleid Ibrahim his Hargeisa and London firm with a target of facilitating foreign investment to somalilandsun worth $100m by 2020 is eyeing the Finnish market within both the Somaliland Diaspora in Finland and Finnish nationals as well
‘I had the privilege of meeting with Ambassador Tarja Fernandez and Counsellor Eeva Alarcon – Head of Development Cooperation at the Ambassador Hotel. and discussed investments, business start-ups, entrepreneurship and business opportunities in Somaliland, the Guul Group CEO told somalilandsun adding that Encouraging Finnish Diaspora and companies to explore opportunities in this untapped potential was mutually agreed upon.

GGs Mohamed Guleid Ibrahim The youthful consultant who was behind the $5m public share issue by Pontus Marine informed that his firm largely focused in the UK was encourage by the Ambassador’s information of match making programs that are run in Nairobi, between Kenyan and Finnish companies. “This is an area we can explore with the support of the Embassy” he stated
Reminiscing of the UK-Somaliland Investment Forum, which Guul Group was among sponsors whose success is directly linked to the planned Germany-Somaliland Investment Forum, Mohamed Guleid Ibrahim and Amb Tarja Fernandez explored the possibilities of a Finland-Somaliland Investment Forum.
“transport and logistics is an area which Finnish investors can take advantage of since neighbouring Ethiopia a sprawling and landlocked country with a population of 90 million and fastest growing economy in Africa is reliant on Berbera port which is benefitting from $442m million worth of modernization investment by Dubai Ports World
The very optimistic Guul Group CEO opinionated that abundant and unlimited opportunities in Amb Tarja Fernandez Somaliland especially in oil exploration, livestock, fisheries, agriculture, minerals and energy etc could e very attractive to Finnish investors if proper marketing is undertaken by an activity modelled on the successful UK-Somaliland Investment Forum

Guul Group a consultancy firm registered in the United Kingdom and Somaliland aims to facilitate $100m worth of investment by the year 2020.
Guul Group provides investment facilitation services whilst branding, promoting and marketing investment opportunities in Somaliland. Somaliland is already attracting interest from a range of international companies and we are delighted to be in the position to help both existing and new investors enhance commercial activity.
By providing fast, up-to-date, and accurate information about opportunities in Somaliland, it can encourage potential investors to consider this investment destination and reduce perceptions of risk. Delivering consistently high-quality facilitation helps to make the location more competitive.
Facilitation activities may involve access to local network, investor & business matching, organising site visits, providing advice during the negotiation process, and assisting the investor toward the investment decision.
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