Somaliland: State and WFP to Enhance Drought Relief Cooperation


As a post meeting statement reveals that registration of affected persons data shall continue
Somalilandsun- The government of Somaliland has accepted a proposal for monthly meetings with drought as agenda proposed by the the World Food Programme- WFP.

According to a a statement received by Somalilandsun which informs that the proposal and subsequent t acceptance were made during a meeting between the Somaliland Vice President Abdirahman Sayli and WFP—Somalia officials in Hargeisa where the WFP delegation which included its deputy country director Algassim Waridaad, and HOAO Mohamed Nuredaiem as well Saeed Hasan head of the Somaliland Food coordination Agency, thanked the Vice President of Somaliland H.E. Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail for his time as well as welcoming the us in his office. Explanations were made to the VP about the efforts thus far made by the Programme to reach the drought affected population in Somaliland. That WFP has supported 6000 HHs in December and January. In FEB, the programmes envisage to reach a total of 20,291 HHs (8,423 in-kind and 11,868 CBT)

The statement adds That the registration for the drought affected population which already commenced in FEB will continue in March onwards so that the programme will be well positioned to provide additional support whenever resources are made available.

DCD further explained that in addition to the drought response, the other interventions of the programme in SL are still continuing and that we are supporting 42,000 school children through schools meals and 56,000 under nutrition and MCHN which are also implemented in drought affected locations in Somaliland. To enable the programme continue and upscale these interventions it will be much appreciated if the SL GOVT thru the Vice President could continue to advocate for WFP during their engagement with donors.

Explanations were also made about the CBT mechanism thru SCOPE registration. This is done thru contracted retailers who provide variety of commodities to the beneficiaries through SCOPE cards. It was also highlighted that WFP has accessibility to reach all the beneficiaries in Somaliland due to good access. Also explained the joint efforts with UNICEF to provide water trucking in the same assisted locations by WFP.

The Head of Somaliland Food Coordination Agency FCA (Mr. Said Hassan) made a commendation about the WFP’s support to SL particularly on coordination with the Government not only on Drought Affected Committee but also on the programme’s sustained efforts to reach the most affected locations in SL.

The Vice President thanked WFP for their continued efforts in providing appropriate interventions to the most drought affected population adding that the GOVT of SL is fully appreciative of the programme’s role during this critical period. He explained that the situation is getting worse and that they have also reached out for support to neighboring countries (Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia the and Arab Leagues etc.)

We proposed to the VP the need for monthly meetings with a view of exchanging notes on the evolving drought situation and response. This proposal was fully endorsed by the Vice President.

The Vice President also agreed to make the case to donors on behalf of WFP whenever the situation presents itself.

The WFP team thanked the Vice President for this fruitful meeting.