Somaliland: Stakeholders Lay Ground work for Polio Vaccination Campaign


Vaccinate your child

By: A A Jama

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Stakeholders have agreed on the start of the first round of polio vaccination in the country.

The meeting to discuss on a campaign against polio held in Hargeisa city was attended by the minister of health Dr. Suleiman Isa Ahmed the head of WHO Hargeisa branch Mrs. Asia Osman and the director general of minister health.

Health minister Dr. Saleban Isa Ahmed said that the first round of vaccination will star all of the regions of the republic of Somaliland he told the teams who are doing the campaign to fight against polio have to work very well during this campaign excercise the head of WHO in Hargeisa branch Mrs. Asia Osman said this vaccination exercise is to fight against polio parents have to take their children for vaccination which start on 30/January 2014 in region of the republic of Somaliland.