Somaliland: Bashe Bitter about new Sitting Arrangements in Parliament


Deputy Speaker Bashe

By: Gulied A Maher

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The 2nd vice-chairman of the house of assembly Hon. Ali Yusuf Ahmed has spoken out about the recent change of parliamentary sitting arrangement of the two vice-chairmen by a vote in the house.

It was a bitter pill to swallow for the 2nd vice-chairman who said that he will consult with his colleague Hon. Bashe on their next course of action. He termed the vote as unconstitutional and accused the house speaker Hon. Abdirahman Mohammed Abdilahi and the house at a large for complicity in their vote Hon. Ali was speaking during a press conference he called. “In the Irro to perch alonepast 23 years we have respected and followed what is written in the constitution,” he said Hon. Ali lamented the over haul of the congress council citing act 52 of the house which states that the house can appoint an independent secretary who is not a member of the house he went to say that this move by the house is a ploy by the speaker to accumulate all powers of the house.

The vice-chairman was brought to the house and the parliament law states that the house should be given 24 hours period to peruse the document before acting on it. Hon. Ali said that a few members of the house and the speaker in a clandestine meeting had already passed the law in undisclosed location and came to rubber stamp it in the house.