Somaliland: Stakeholders Debate Issuance of ID Cards


A Citizen proudly displays her UDUB party government issued Voter cum ID card scrapped by current Kulmiye party government

By: Moody Bodle

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Ministry of Interior,the electoral commission and the three national political parties of UCID, Kulmiye and Wadani held consultations on the issuance of ID and Voter cards at the interior ministry conference hall in Hargeisa.

The meeting was in camera where all media was outside when it ended. After the meeting the journalists questioned the minister of interior Hon. Ali Mohamed Waran-Cade and the electoral commission chairman Isse Yusuf Mohamed (Hamari).

The minister of interior, Ali Mohamed Waran-Cade explained the three party meeting agenda said that

• To plan the up-coming general election to be held in 2015

• How to content registration of voters.

The minister said that they also manually agreed on how they would propose to the international communities for the funding of the program the internal minister said “today we have met with the three national political parties, the electoral commission and us a the ministry of interior, we have all agreed on planning the 2015 election and how to go about registration.”

He added “we have also discussed on how we will speak with one voice to the international community for the 2015 election.” The minister also said that the ministry and the government responsibility will be how to register the citizen and the voters. He added ” we have agreed to do both the registration before the end of 2014″.

The minister said that they want both registration to be done in the presence of the political parties and the electoral commission. The minister also made it her that they have all agreed to present a good profile of unity.

On the other hand the chairman of electoral commission Isse Yusuf Mohamed (Hamari) said” today we have all agreed conduct the registration of voters together on patners , we have also made it clear that the ministry of interior to implement its part of the program”.

The commission chairman added “the registration issue concert the ministry but should be done in accordance with the law; we have also agreed to let the citizen and the international to know our stand’.

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