Somaliland: SSC Militia Commander to Join Government


Silanyo & Hagaltosie after the Buhoodle accord in DubaiBy: Yusuf M Hasan

NAIROBI (Somalilandsun) – Speculation is rife that former sool Sanaag Cayn (Ain)-SSC boss is to join the government.

The Former commander of the SSC a Sool region based Tribal militia Mr. Suleiman Isse Ahmed “Hagaltosie”, is in Nairobi the Kenyan capital from where he is believed to be on transit to Hargeisa for a second round of peace talks with president Silanyo.

The man popularly known as Hagaltosie his non-de Guerra flew to Nairobi from Dubai where he signed a peaceful reconciliation accord with the President H. E Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo thus end political strife in Sool region.

According to the terms of the Buhodle accord signed in Dubai, The Hagaltosie commanded SSC militias that has district in the recent past been engaging the national army in armed skirmishes within Buhodle district of Sool region is to be disarmed and disbanded as a prelude to peace talks.

Hagaltosie who it is widely believed will be given a ministerial appointment soon, met president Silanyo and his all-encompassing entourage in Dubai on 30th June 2012 informed that his desire for peace and reconciliation was as a result of the suffering facing citizens of Sool region through prolonged lack of public services, development and humanitarian support enjoyed by other Somalilanders.

A press statement released after the signing of the Buhodle peace accord at Dubai’s MINA-SALAAMA HOTEL informed that the meeting agreed on the need to end continuous clashes in Buhodle district and other areas of Sool region thus avail citizens the benefit of public services.

President Silanyo who commended Hagaltosie for his desire for peace, also stressed on the SSC leader on the importance of expedited end to hostilities, promising his personal full support as well as that of the government and people of Somaliland thus normalize the turbulent eastern region of the country.

Hagaltosie had on his part and that of his followers, promised the president that on return to Buhodle he will immediately embark on expedited disbanding his militia and handing over the assortment of weaponry at his disposal to the government, as a prelude to facilitating talks with the government as agreed.

The arrival of the SSC commander in Hargeisa as a guest of the government will be a major boost towards President Silanyo’s peacemaking efforts in Sool region which has over the years been a hotbed of elements opposed to the sovereignty of Somaliland. This opposition which is mostly fronted by washed out politicians whose only motive is personal gain from anti-Somaliland elements in Puntland and elsewhere.

Contrary to the selfish interest of the mischievous and washed out politicians from sool Commander Hagaltosie who has all along been steadfast in his allegiance to the republic of Somaliland, is on record saying that his armed rebellion is geared towards forcing the Hargeisa based administration to rectify inequalities in the distribution of the national cake/

On his part president Silanyo has on several occasions extended a hand of peace asking the SSC to lay down their arms and address their grievances to the government through talks that reconcile peacefully. This call for peaceful dialogue has always been blocked by the washed out politicians from the region whose desperation led them to form the now dead Khatuumo state early this year.

The Khatuumoist who believe, WRONGLY, that SSC will support them have seen their fortunes crumble following decisive setbacks by the national army which managed to completely rout their militias and arresting senior officers who are currently at Burao prison awaiting arraignment in court. The might of the Khatuumoist has been reduced to a suspected few gunmen who are targeting Las anod civil servants for assassination.