Somaliland: SRSG Nicholas Kay in Uncalled for Hostilities


Amb Kay

somalilzandsun – Dear Somalilander Re. Nicholas Kay and Somaliland. Every Somalilander should be aware that Mr Kay is using all his effort and power with intent in trying to destabilising peaceful Somaliland.

Obviously, the SRSG Kay is aiming to bring Somaliland under his domain as he is controlling South Somalia. Somaliland citizens should also know that Mr Kay has employed eleven staff in his Mogadishu Office; nine out of these are Majeerteen Sub-Clan of Daroud.

That means he is completely surrounded with one sub-clan advice. And hence it is not surprising to find him biased against Somaliland. So what can you do as Somalilander? expose his unholy approach and unhealthy practices towards Somaliland by writing a formal complaint letter ( not E-mail) to: British Foreign and Common-Wealth Office, explaining that Nicholas Kay is supporting, organising and arranging funding for the khatimo Jihadist Group who have links with Al-Shabab and are engaging in threatening the Security of the peaceful and democratic Somaliland. This is clear violation of the Article 6 of the London Conference on Somalia held on 23rd February, 2012 which says, ‘Somaliland and Somalia have to settle their future relations, being equal entities.’ Revisiting Mr Kay’s recent media interviews reveals his determination to dismantle Somaliland or bring it back to terminally chaotic Somalia. In his interviews this man looks working out in ways of giving Majeerteenia some sort of claim over Somaliland territories. If Mr Kay’s judgement is to spread chaos and insecurity where there is security (Somaliland) how can one expect of him to advocate genuine peace anywhere else. We all remember, when Mr. Kay visited Hargeisa, he was exposed to the mass graves of the victims of dictator Siad Barre’s genocide but so far appears unmoved! because we did not see him mention a word about that massacre when he returned to Mogadishu. Moreover, it seems Somaliland has strong armed forces who can defend our territories but the diaspora’s lobby is one of the weakest because we do not communicate with the politicians in Europe, Americas and else where. However, by manifesting our unequivocal resolve and desire for full independence – we can undo all the plots hatched against our country. Somalilanders have been victimised enough in the past, we must say, ‘never again.’ So we should stay vigilant to any perceived threats and respond accordingly in good time. Finally, I am imploring to Oodweyne News to urge Somaliland people to engage with the politicians by writing to them on behalf of our country and complaining about Mr kay and Puntland’s support for Khatimo Terrorist Group. Write to the Minister and the address mentioned below or to your local MP. The Rt Hon. Mr Mark Simmonds MP, Minister for African Affairs. Foreign & Common Wealth Office King Charles Street, LONDON SW1A 2AH. Tel. No. 02070081500. With Kind Regards. Mr H. Abdi. N.B. I believe it is appropriate not to publish this letter or what will the S/landers may write to politicians because you see the instances that anti- Somaliland forces take advantage by finding our messages to international community published in the media and then challenging it by conforonting the very politicians we write to; good example is the petition to the Norweigian Government in which other Somali speaking people sought the said government not to listen to our call for recognition.