Somaliland: Sool Governor Confiscates Medical Supplies


Sool region Governor confisticates suspicious suppliesBy: Yusuf M Hasan

LAS ANOD (Somalilandsun) – An assortment of medical supplies has been confiscated in Las anod town.

The medical supplies whose origin and meant for the Taleeh district hospital in Sool region was confiscated by the Sool regional governor Mr. Mohamed Mahmoud ‘Jiinyare’.

The confiscated medical supplies that are reported to be currently under guard at the Las Anod central police station on orders of the governor Jiinyare that includes Beds, X-ray and other machinery was en-route to the Taleeh district hospital.

Various attempts by the Somalilandsun to establish the reasons behind the confiscation as well as the origin of the supplies have so far been unfruitful as the governor is yet to respond to several mobile phone calls.

While big questions have arisen over the confiscation of the humanitarian supplies donated to the needy Taleeh district hospital, the action by the governor might be related to averting some secessionists aligned to the collapsed Khatuumo state regaining a foothold in the area.

The fortunes of the Khatuumo state that was declared in Taleeh earlier this year have been spiraling downwards at a very fast speed due to a number of circumstances that include the withdrawal of recognition by the TFG in Mogadishu, lack of funds after political fallout with Puntland paymasters, defeat of its militias by Somaliland national army as well as the big about turn by the Dulbahante clan as per its allegiance to Somaliland.


with the demise of the Khatuumoist whose leadership under the stewardship of washed out politician Ali Khalif Galayd is at loggerheads it is wise for the government to maintain a hawk eye in the area but confiscation of humanitarian assistance might be a step too far.