Somaliland: SONSAF Urges Government to Reflect on National Interest


As it asks the International Community to prioritize on development issues in COMMUNIQUE

Somalilandsun – The Somaliland Non State Actors Forum calls on the international donor/partners to address Somaliland’s development needs as its prioritised. They also proposed to Somaliland government not to take part any conference/summit which doesn’t reflect Somaliland’s interest.

 On April, 3rd and 4th the Somaliland Non state Actors Forum (SONSAF) facilitated in Hargeisa a two day Roundtable discussion with key stakeholders of the Somaliland Non State Actors to analyze and discuss the national development context and priorities in preparation and response to the international conferences being held the UK and Turkey.

The discussions focused on sharing participants’ assessment of the Somaliland development context, developed a clear vision for the future, agreed on key pillars of national development and inform international community of Somaliland national consensus on the London Conference for Somalia.

The participants took stock of the progress Somaliland achieved so far towards the fulfilment of our national vision and largely agreed that though much has been achieved, there are still outstanding problems including persistent poverty, environmental degradation, rural-urban migration, unemployment, sluggish growth, inadequate institutional capacity problems all of which continue to hamper Somaliland’s development as a caring, justice and democratic society.

All the participants shared a passion for finding the right framework for sustainable development and enable people to fulfil their potential. This is – first and last – about people; the lives they are able to lead, the education they can benefit from, the families they can raise, the health they can enjoy and the prospects they can look forward to as they live their lives and look to the future.

The participants proposed a seven point development priority agenda (which are in line with the National Development Plan) for the future and called on the international donors and partners to respect the wishes and rights of the people of Somaliland: The priority areas include;

• Pursuit of International recognition as a State

• Institution building, Job creation,

• Infrastructure development

• Promotion of democracy

• Economic development and investment

• Continue the talks between Somaliland and Somalia on equal status with the objective of achieving the national vision of Statehood.

The participants also had an in depth discussion on the international conferences and meetings that are being arranged for the Somalia and Somaliland in various venues that include, the Emirates, Turkey and the UK. The agenda of London Conference doesn’t reflect Somaliland’s development priorities and national vision for independence. As such the participants proposed the following advice for the Government, Intentional Community and Non state Actors of Somaliland:

The Somaliland government should continue to pursue international recognition and take part in meetings, as long as, such meetings do not compromise the national vision for independence and international recognition. Therefore, the participants are in support of Somaliland Government’s decision to reject the May, 2013 London Conference, which falls short of the national aims and goals.

The participants urge the International Community and the organizers of the London Conferences to address Somaliland’s interests and vision, in order to encourage Somaliland government’s participation. We recommend that Somaliland’s status and protocols as an independent state should be respected in all conferences.

The participants urge the Somaliland government to share information on these conferences with the public in order to reduce speculations and misinformation and improve transparency in its activities in all international meetings and conferences.

The Somaliland Non State Actors should also refrain from participating in any meetings not serving the needs and national vision of the Somaliland people or any meetings that may otherwise harm the Somaliland government’s strategies and plans for the pursuit of international independent state.


Mustafe Sacad Dhinbiil

SONSAF Chairperson