Somaliland: Sanaag Youths Establish Technical Training Institute


By: Yusuf M Hasan

ERIGAVO (Somalilandsun) – A youth organization has negated the hitherto unavailability of locally trParticipants keenly follow Dalkaab launching proceedingsained artisans in Sanaag region.

According to our Sanaag regional reporter Mr Mohamed Youssef Bakayle This development comes after The Sanaag region based Dalkaab Youth organization established a technical school in Erigavo town that shall provide related skills training to needy residents on a pro-bono basis.

The Dalkaab Technical institute which officially opened by the Sanaag regional governor Mr Ahmed Muhumed Gelle ‘Da’ar’ who while praising the Dalkaab youth organization said the institute comes at the appropriate hour since the region lacks similar institutions. He also termed the youth initiative as one that shall go a long way in eliminating illiteracy in the region.

“We are sure that the Dalkaab institute shall not only provide the entire Sanaag region with relevant technical skills but promote employment opportunities of its graduates” said Governor Da’ar

The regional governor who further commented the youths for having realized the economic difficulties engulfing residents thus their pro bono training services termed the act as patriotism of the highest level which the regional government shall support unswervingly.

Similar support was promised by the Erigavo local council whose deputy mayor Councillor Salah Ismail Abase said was among the most innovative that Sanaag youth ever initiated without the assistance or prodding.

Said he, “I hereby encourage the Dalkaab youth to always knock at my or any other doors at the local council where relevant assistance shall be granted not on request but demand” Said Cllr Abase

According to the chairperson of Dalkaab youth organization Mr Ahmed Yusuf Tarafiko the desire to establish the institute came after the group realized that a lot of them are missing out on achieving relevant skills due to non-existence of technical schools that the expenses incurred while pursuing the same in Hargeisa, Burao or Borama towns.

Said he, “It became evident to us that only the sons and daughters of affluent families or those with relatives in the Diaspora could afford the expenses to acquire technical skills in other regions thus those from poor families continued to wallop in poverty due to lack of employable skills”

Master Tarafiko revealed that they decided to provide the skills trainings on a free for charge basis owing to the fact that the institute is geared towards enabling those needy youths from poor families be they the Internally displaced-IDPs, Refugees or the local host community .

The Dalkaab Technical institute shall on pro bono basis provide skills trainings like sewing, plumbing, computer operation and TV/Radio/fridge/cell phone repairs etc. in addition to numeracy and literacy.

The institute’s launching ceremony saw a large number of invited guests in attendance among them traditional/political/religious leaders, regional coordinators from several ministries, intellectuals and the curiously jubilant residents from all walks of life.

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