Somaliland: SONSAF Launches Media Development Project



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Somalilandsun- Somaliland Non State Actors Forum (SONSAF) in collaboration with Somaliland Journalists Association (SOLJA) is launching Somaliland Media Development Project on June 28/2015. This project was intended to improve the quality of the media and its institutional development as well as enhancing capacity of media professionals at individual level.

This project is funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation (SIDA) through Forum Syd and Somaliland National Association in Sweden (SLRF) for its timeframe of three years.

SONSAF concluded an in-depth analysis on the situations of media in Somaliland over the past two years, through assessments, formal and informal consultations process, which the needs of media was identified in general such as institutional development, journalism trainings and legal and regulatory framework were primarily recognized to look forward.

Moreover, over the past 24 years, for sure Somaliland media has made considerable development, which can be said a brand of credit for Somaliland comparing to many countries in the East Africa.

Notwithstanding these development and achievements made by the media, there are also continuing challenges facing journalists, which need to be addressed in order to improve quality of skills and knowledge of the media as well as laying the proper foundation of the legal framework that help media sector to prevent unlawful detentions.

Therefore, this project will enable the media to make large scale of development. To indentify weaknesses existing in the area of media policy and legal framework, consultative meetings will be organized through the establishment of the three Thematic Working Groups. Over the project period, around 500 Journalists will benefit for different trainings and capacity building modalities that to be held in all regions of Somaliland.

Mustafe Sacad Dhinbil

Chairman of SONSAF

Somaliland Non State Actors Forum

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