NEW YORK: (Somlailandsun) The United Nations Commission for Human Rights (UNCHR) explored the differences between Somalia & Somaliland with respect to manning each country’s airspace.

The UN commissioner Mr. John Ging while speaking at UN headquarters in New York on Wednesday on violations of human rights in Somalia & Somaliland appealed for international community’s urgent humanitarian measures in supporting the Somali population in dire needs.

Responding to a question asked by a journalist with New York inner city about the airspace conflict between the two nations and the reasons why Somaliland has banned UN flight at a time when the UN has fully vested the responsibility of administering Hargeisa’s airspace to the Government of Somaliland, Mr. Ging hinted that there were several peace talks between the two nations and one such talk was brokered by Turkish Government in Istanbul where it was unanimously resolved that the whole of Somalia’s airspace to be in operation.

With respect to the ban on UN flight on the part of Somaliland, Mr. Ging disclosed that the Turkish peace moderator had indeed boarded a UN aircraft that landed in Hargeisa last year and further rubbished it as unfounded rumors based on hearsays as opposed to real facts on the ground meant to tarnish Somaliland’s image.

As regards humanitarian situation in Somalia, Mr. Ging appealed to the international community to rescue the population who are in dire need of food & medical kits as a priority.

The human rights commissioner gave a further disclosure of another two million of Somalis who are in a state of malnutrition and require urgent food to salvage them.

Mr. Ging appealed for $ 900 to save the Somali population in need of urgent humanitarian assistance.