Somaliland: Somaliland concerned about Somalia’s Bona fide on the ongoing negotiation talks


Minister for Foreign Affairs Mohamed Bihi

• FM Bihi: ‘Mogadishu not Happy about International & Regional States joining Somaliland/Somalia Dialogue’

Mahmoud H. Qodah

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) –Somaliland government for the first time since Somaliland/Somalia Djibouti talks where both sides had jointly issued 6 points pact expressed its concern regarding Somalia’s defiance on inviting the ongoing dialogue to foreign countries, including member states of the regional organizations of IGAD and AU.
Minister for Foreign Affairs Mohamed Bihi Younis stated this shortly after his delegation’s recent and historical meeting with the EP Foreign Affairs Committee at the European Parliament where they have discussed on the issue of the recognition of the country which has been on top of the agenda.
“There are a number of international states who are interesting to partake the ongoing negotiation talks between the 2 countries – Somaliland and Somalia, including UK, UAE, Denmark, Sweden and other members of the regional organizations including IGAD, AU and EU, as we are in good terms with those countries.”
“We have exposed to all those countries in order to partake the negotiation talks, as Somaliland and Somalia alone can’t bring things forward.”
Minister likewise expressed his concern regarding Somalia’s bonafide ongoing negotiation talks and noted, “Somalia’s intention is that the dialogue took longer and longer, as this becomes a challenge for the smooth running process of the negotiation talks. Somaliland’s expected outcome from the dialogue is that 2 countries become two separate and neighbourly states. Somalia completely refused and not happy about international and regional states joining the dialogue between Somaliland and Somalia. During our last talks in Djibouti Somalia showed its defiance, and only allowed Djibouti state to join the talks.”
Finally Minister for Foreign Affairs declared that there is no chance of returning to unity of greater Somalia.
By: Mahmoud H. Qodah