Somaliland: First Lady donates Computers to Disabled Students


Somalilands First Lady MS. Amina Sheik Mohamoud Jirde

By: Mahmoud H. Qodah
Burao (Somalilandsun) – Somaliland’s First Lady MS. Amina Sheik Mohamoud Jirde accompanied by Ministers of Finance and Presidency Abdiasis Mohamed Samale and Hersi Haji Ali Hassan donated around 30 laptops to the disabled (deaf) students who learn in Burao deaf school.
First Lady pledged that she will continue her support to the disabled ones.

The committee of the disabled students of the school have expressed by using their sign language the needs of their school as those disabled can’t normally learn and sit with the other students of the country, as such that they need to have at least one technical school in order to continue their education after the school that they currently learn.
The amount of the technical school’s construction has been estimated to be 50,000 Dollar, and government has pledged to pay almost 50 percent of the total cost.
Disabled students have finally awarded honorary certificates to the First Lady and Minister for Presidency for what they told to be their continuous support to them.
By: Mahmoud H. Qodah