Somaliland – Somalia: Son, I Already Seen the Bigger Balls of Your Stupid Father


Mr Yusuf Deyr. PM Shirdoon  First clean your messy house before you point your running nose to other peoples affairs“Mr. Somalia Prime Minister Shirdoon , you are walking backwards into the future, back to your dark ages” Deyr

By: Yusuf Deyr

Somalilandsun – While his mother was helping him to give him a shower, During an involuntary erection of his sexual excitement, A young boy pointed to his erected penis to scare his mother by saying. “Mother, Khuukh.” The mother slapped him on the face and said, “Son be ashamed, I already have seen the bigger balls of your stupid father.

“Dear reader, it came to my knowledge that the fake prime Minister of Mogadishu is threatening Somaliland by sending troops to force us to the union of his Bandit – Government of sea – pirates and street – Gangs. Having the intention of renewing that old false dream of Great Somalia. Mr.Prime Minister, it is not your fault, it is the fault of our spiritual leader and teacher, Mr.Silanyo. A Somali poet called Farah Noor once said.

Dadku Inuu Samraan Moodaye, Waa Sidi Waliye, Sinji Iyo Abaan U Lahayn Samada Meeyd Yaale, Sibraheeda Waa Ooli Jiray, Soobir Qaawaniye.

Besides that, there is an Arab proverb that says. When the camel is alive and standing up; ladies get scared to get closer to it. But when it is slaughtered and lying down on the ground. Every old lady hurry up and takes a knife to slice the body of the camel into small pieces. That is a perfect analogy to the current political situation of Somaliland.

Mr.Prime Minister, you are walking backwards into the future, back to your dark ages. Because you believe that the chase of gain is rich in hate. But you have forgotten that, from fried eggs comes no chickens. As well, the friction of argument produces more heat than light, and the ground of liberty must be gained by inches.

Anyway, your bluffing attitude has no room in our plan of life. Since you are under the custody of foreign troops, sleeping and dinning in a foreign tank as a safe haven against your own people. First clean your messy house before you point your running nose to other people’s affairs. Mr.Prime Minister, I advise you, you study your past if you would divine the future. But I don’t blame you because you are a spoiled child that has been fed with the booty – wealth of unarmed civilian that your father obtained by force through the bayonet of the riffle. That is why you always talk turkey.

That is why Somalilanders are always on standby, to expect the unexpected from your ill – heart and bad – mouth. Because the gallant – man of Somaliland needs no drums to wake him up. Mr.P.M, welcome back to the Boston – Tea – Party. To satisfy your deep hunger and thirst for rape and robbery.

PM Shirdoon  the gallant  man of Somaliland needs no drums to wake him upStart again your old monkey – business as usual; with no remorse or regret. Hargeisa is booming and the American dollars are lying down on the ground, and our beautiful girls are getting more prettier, strolling down the streets, wearing gold ornaments. Their romantic eyes and rosy cheeks are glittering on the moon – light shinning. Hurry up!

The road is furnished with flowers, colored roses, and turnip. Welcome back to the holy – land of honey and milk. Weep not for the past, and no fear of the future. Because if your parents good or bad, you follow their footsteps. Good Sea – Pirates when they want to die, they always go to Hargeisa. Mr.Prime Minister, if you are a savage hunter, we are wild pets that can’t be tamed by force. A good anvil does not fear the hammer.

You are fully aware that Somalilanders are born free birds that have no respect for intimidation and threatening. I expect that your daddy already have told you when you were in the Salvation Army of your deceased uncle. Mr.PM, we reward only mutual respect and reasonable dialogue of a civilized society. At the same time, we can be a wild – card and a joker in the pack that can easily adapt an evil, or a good – omen. Read and revise my long history and episode, before you reach the conclusion of your ill – judgment. If you are that much dumb – ass to read my mind, please read my lips. Observation consists of sight, sound, and smell. Any time means no time. Thank you for being totally ugly. I hate to say I told you, but I did.

Mr.Silanyo, a man’s best reputation is his record of the past. You always failed us in hard times since you joined the SNM Liberation Front. Your dark past is playing tricks in your exhausted mind. That is why you always distance yourself from your old comrades in the trench, like Mr.M.White and all his peers. How many times I have told you privately. All that is said in the parlor should not be heard in the hall. But you always tickling our throat. Mr.Silanyo, a pair of good ears will dry drain a hundred tongues. It is not the gale, but the set of the sail that determines the way you go. Pains to get, care to keep, and fear to lose, is the best way to make an easy bed for an old man like your age. Fate gives you parents, and choice gives you friends. Why you always exchange the fat with the lean.

The masses got your true image when you dispensed Mr.M.White and hugged that pampered child called Herse with the Jack – Knife. You always ignore when the horse neighs, and you give when the pampered child cries. Hiring a green false Doctor as a sales – man to sell our cause to the International Community. Your immigration Office in Hargeisa is issuing the passaport of Great Somalia; at the same time pronouncing sarcastically that Somaliland self – determination and Sovereignty .

Lying  the whole World more than the Tobacco Industry. What a contradicting mere hoax and hobble ! Wearing a hobble skirt that is so narrow at the hem to impede us from walking properly. You can convince that fishy fairy – tale, only and only, to your camel – drivers of the Kulmiye Party, not to the lettered men of Somaliland. That is an insult to Somaliland and to your personality, in rank and file. Your pills for recovery neither can be chewed nor can be swallowed.

That is why animals are speaking in public, and our heroes are snoring at the day time. Sneezing constantly due to your allergic, sensitive, and disgusting measures. Mr.Silanyo, we will never take ( NO ) for an answer. The future pains are from the present pains. That is why we are now in the middle of no where. Pampering green immature boys crushed you to death, as you are right now. Your stupid kiss on the wrong cheek has led you to the World of unexpected surprises and to the bridge of no where. My poor mentor, It is good to have friends both in heaven and in hell. Xaaji Cali Guhaadoo Aamus, Ablacoo Hadal, Ayaa Mar labaad Ka Dhacday, Soomaalilaand. Xagee Dhaanka Loo Rari Adaa Dhababay Ceelkiiye.