Somaliland: Somalia Should View Somaliland as a Role Model


Somalilandsun – The people of Somalia where ever you are whether inside Somalia or in the diaspora or in neighboring countries. Stop the hatred towards Somaliland and fix up your country and clean the mess that you guys have created and be more like Somaliland where peace and stability is valued unlike your country where the people don’t care about peace or stability.
it seems that peace and stability like Somaliland is very appreciated it and that the people in Somaliland are the eyes and ears of the country and if anything suspicious happens they report to police even if that criminal is their own brother and in Somalia the people there seem not to care about peace and stability they are not aware of their safety and well being and they supporting the criminals in their own capital city and they don’t want a peaceful Mogadishu and if you guys want a peaceful Mogadishu prove it and action speaks louder then words, when tragedy happens the government of SOmalia condemns the heinous attacks what’s that good for and that Government should criticize the people for not taking steps of protecting their country from the enemy, The government of Somalia is new and they are trying their to best to have stable country but it is the people of Somalia where ever they are to blame and they are blame for the attacks and they are to blame for easy accesses for the enemy. I blame the people of Mogadishu for not cooperating with the police and the military and the government and they are harboring the criminals and hiding them in their homes, they don’t care about their country and they hate peace. The people of Mogadishu have to be more like the people of Hargeisa where they are the eyes and ears of the country and that if anything suspicious happens they report it to police even if they are their own brother, that’s not the case in Mogadishu where the people fear the enemy and they only way to defeat fear is to defeat fear it self and you will defeat the enemy.
Somaliland is a peaceful and stable country where crime, piracy and terrorism is not tolerated in Somaliland. Please Somali Brothers and sisters let Somaliland be a good example for you and please fix the mess in Somalia in order to enjoy your country and please have the same mentality as Somaliland and please value Peace and stabily and please anybody who is against peace in your country put them behind bars and hiding them will make you guilty as them.

Duale Hirsi Warsame
North America