Somaliland: Qatari Diplomat Beats Elderly British Somalilander Half to Death in London


By: Mo Ali/medeshi
Somalilandsun- A 73 year old man who has British citizenship but of Somaliland origin has filed a case against an official who works at the Qatari Embassy in London allegedly calling him Donkey (Himaar) and slave (Abid) in Arabic .

Mohamoud Ahmed also claims that the official named as Mr Ansari has beaten him often in addition to the verbal abuse . Ahmed who worked at the Embassy for over 20 years a security guard is also claiming wrongful dismal and age discrimination as reported in the Evening Standard.
The Qatari embassy and the senior officials have denied Ahmed’s allegations. A Qatari embassy spokesman told the Evening Standard : “Mr. Ahmed’s allegations are utterly untrue. He was at no time ill-treated, abused or discriminated against by anyone at or representing the embassy. It is certainly not true that Mr Ahmed was discriminated against because of his colour. His son and other members of his family continue to be employed at the embassy, together with a large number of other people from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds.”
A court appeal is to be heard later this year to make a decision on the case.