Somaliland: Somalia President Appoints Somalilamder as Chief Justic


President Hasan of Somalia flanked by his outgoing and incoming chief justices

By: Yusuf M Hasan 

MOGADISHU (somalilandsun) – Outgoing somaliland Solicitor General Ibrahim Suleiman Eidle has taken over as the Chief Justice of Neighbouring Somalia.
The new Somalia Chief Justice was appointed by president Hasan sheikh Mahmoud as replacement for his predecessor Aideed Abdilahi Ilka Hanaf who was allegedly sacked for incompetence and corruption five years to the job.
The new Somalia Chief Justice was appointed on only a few days after resigning his portfolio as solicitor general for the administration in Hargeisa.
Ironically the new and outgoing chief justices of Somalia are considered as traitors in Somaliland their country of birth.