Somaliland: Somalia Legislator Arrested in Gabile.


Somalia Parliament where Jama conducts anti-Somaliland activitiesBy: Yusuf M Hasan

GABILE (Somalilandsun) – A Member of Parliament is in custody awaiting arraignment in court.

Police in Gabile have arrested a Somalia member of parliament who has been hiding in the town since the 22nd January 2013.

This was revealed by the officer-in-charge of Gabile police Mr Suleiman Duale ‘Dega’ade’ who informed that the arrested Somalia MP Jama Ahmed Mahmud has been transferred to Hargeisa thus arraignment in court.

According to the regional police chief, MP Jama who is original from Gabile was arrested because he is a traitor to the Nation for having joined the Unionists in South Somalia, an act that is contrary to the sovereignty of Somaliland.

Having reclaimed self-rule after decades of a fateful union with the south, it is against the law thus one considered a traitor to Somaliland if a citizen gives allegiance to Somalia as Jama A Mahmud has done by sitting in the Mogadishu parliament.

While complimenting the police for arresting the errant citizen, it is worth questioning how the immigration officials failed to notice the arrival of the MP at Berbera Airport on the 22nd January.

At the same time the fact that the Somalia MP managed to escape the notice of law enforcement agencies not only in Gabile but country at-large is baffling considering that the detained Jama was in the country for exactly a fortnight before the now being trumpeted arrested.

If he was on a destructive mission, God forbid, he would have accomplished it and be gone before the law enforcers could say WAKE UP!!!!

How big is Gabile town that a national traitor can operate with impunity and without notice for 15 days?

Is it worth questioning if there are other traitors around awaiting arrest when their whatever missions are accomplished?