One Billion Women will be Victims of Violence in their Lifetime.


Somalilandsun – Unfortunately, the brutal gang rape and death of a 23-year-old woman in India, which sparked an international cry for justice and change, is not an isolated case.

Violence, discrimination and restrictions of basic freedoms are a daily reality for millions of women around the world. But, societies cannot prosper when half of their people are not allowed to fulfill their potential as human beings and fully contribute to their development.

That’s why all of CARE’s programs seek to eliminate behaviors that perpetuate gender-based violence and inequality. We believe that the empowerment of women and girls is both an end in itself as well as an indispensable milestone in achieving a just and equitable society.

Please help women and girls escape violence and discrimination – and unleash their potential to create a safer, better world for all – with your generous donation today.

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