Somaliland: Somali International Awards Recognizes Visually Impaired Journalist


While Dahabshil and Mo Farah win in the business and sports categorizes

From top left winners of ISA 2916 awards Hawa Jama Abd,i Mo Farah and Dahabshil Group

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
Somalilandsun- The International Somali Awards-ISA has recognized Hawa Jama Abdi as the 2016 Highest Educational Achiever

Miss Hawa Jama who has never let her blindness stand in the way of her eagerness to learn recently graduated from Somaliland Brail Centre with one of the highest marks on record.
For 20 years old miss Hawa Jama Abdi who aspires to be a full time journalist her presence at the just graduate journalism class at the Somaliland Institute of Developmemt Administration and Management-SIDAM in Hargeisa is the culmination of a lifelong dream to not only secure professional journalism credentials but actual practice in the fourth estate as well.
After successful attainment of diploma in journalism, the first and only visually impaired Somali journalist hopes to gain a university credentials as far as a PhD.
“In all my three decades as a media operative both in Somalia and Somaliland I have never encountered a blind journalist, forget about training one”
This was stated by Feisal Mohamed Abdi ‘Fadfadle’ a long time and experienced print and electronic media personality who also trains upcoming journalists among them Hawa Jama Abdi at the Somaliland Institute of Development Administration and Management-SIDAM in Hargeisa.
On her motivation to practice in the fourth estate, unheard of for a visually Impaired person Hawa Jama the 2016 Somali international Highest Education Achiever awardee told Somalilandsun “Never ending politically based information forced me to take strides to not only fulfill my lifelong desire to became a journalist but bridge prevalent gap of human related reporting” –Miss Hawa Jama
According to the ISA the humanitarian work she undertakes in her country of helping blind young people achieve their utmost in life plus her endeavor to improve herself “ is an inspiration to us all”.
While the indefatigable Hawa Jama was awarded for achievement in the academic field others recognized for various categories include

visually impaired Somaliland Journalist Hawa Jama Abdi awarded the 2016 ISA Highest Educational Achiever
1. Business of the year, Dahabshil Group
2. Most Effective Initiative of the Year, Adesso Africa
3. Sports Person of the Year, Mo Farah (CBE)
4. Best Entertainment Award, Mo Ali

Inits recognition of Dahabshil as its 2016 business of the year Awardee the ISA stated 

This multinational financial organisation arose from the ashes of civil war and now operates worldwide. Dahabshiil prides itself on its fantastic employment track record and its investment in people and despite Dahabshiil’s incredible growth, it has never lost sight of its social responsibilities and desire to give something back to the community. In the process it has blossomed into a shining example of what a world-class institution should be. Read more


Most Effective Initiative of the Year, Adeso  Africa

Adeso is a humanitarian aid organisation that has been changing the way people think about, and deliver aid in Africa for over twenty years. By giving cash to families to help them deal with immediate crises, it encourages them to manage their limited resources, and start investing in the future. With cash in their pockets, those in need have improved access to both food and non-food items. Read more

Sports Person of the Year, Mo Farah (CBE)
Mo Farah (CBE) is double Olympic, European Athletics and World champion and the UK’s greatest ever distance runner. Mo’s achievements are a far cry from his humble beginnings in Somalia, arriving in London from Mogadishu at the age of 8 speaking very little English. He recently became the first athlete to win three long-distance doubles at successive World Championships and was made a CBE in 2013 for his services to the UK. Read more

Best Entertainment Award, Mo Ali
Mo Ali is a Somali-born award-winning filmmaker and director. He has worked with some of the most respected talents in the UK and internationally and has directed music videos and the movies ‘Shank’ and ‘Montana’. His creative genius and dedication to his craft has inspired many young visual artists. Mo Ali mentors twenty young filmmakers who will no doubt pass on his knowledge and skills to the next generation. Read more

Highest Educational Achiever, Hawa Jama Abdi
A recent graduate of the Somaliland Brail Centre with one of the highest marks on record, Hawa has never let her blindness stand in the way of her eagerness to learn. She is currently working on a diploma in journalism, and hopes to gain a PhD in the future, whilst the humanitarian work she undertakes in her country helping blind young people is an inspiration to us all. Read More

The International Somali Awards-ISA is an award ceremony honouring the greatest achievements of the worldwide Somali community and promises to be one of the most important ceremony of its kind ever staged. An innovative, unique and prestigious ceremony, The ISA pays tribute to inspiring Somali success stories from all walks of life, and recognises inspirational role models from the fields of business, social work, sports, education and entertainment.

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