Somaliland: 15 Reasons To Visit The Horn Of Africa


No. 1: Not Too Many Other Tourists

The 4000 yrs old rock paintings at Las GEEL Somaliland

By Derek Dias

Somalilandsun- The Horn of Africa is home to three of the most interesting and under-visited countries on the continent — Eritrea, Djibouti, and Somaliland. Overshadowed by Ethiopia and its tourist-mecca neighbor, Kenya, the Horn countries don’t get many tourists, and there are good reasons why. But there are also good reasons to want to visit, because they all offer big adventures, incredible landscapes, and friendly people. Some of the attractions include ancient rock art, world-class diving, and lunar-landscape salt lakes awaiting those who make the journey. Laas Geel is the highlight of Somaliland. Hire a guide, driver, and obligatory armed guard and set out through the desert for a series of caves housing the oldest rock art in East Africa. Besides being the only tourist, maybe your guard will let you shoot off a few rounds from his AK-47 if you ask nicely. Many larger hotels can arrange a visit.


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