Somaliland: Somali Diaspora Investment Survey


Shuraako is a nonrofit initiative that encourages investments into promising local MSMEs

Somalilandsun -Shuraako organization, is a nonprofit working to strengthen the private sector in Somalia by getting social investors from all over the world to invest in businesses in Somalia. Together with IFAD, Shuraako has designed a survey that Somali diaspora all over the world are taking. The survey will help in the design of new investment opportunities and funds for Somalia that will support local Somali entrepreneurs and the economy.” 

We are seeking Somali diaspora worldwide to participate in the Somali Diaspora Investment Survey. We need your experience and opinions to shape future investment opportunities and fund designs. All diaspora – whether currently investing in country or not – provide your input on investing in Somalia. Your comments matter.

Take the survey here: 

The Survey will take approximately 15 minutes and solicits your opinion on obstacles to investment and investment preferences. The outcome of which will inform the design and implementation of future investment products intended to support Somali entrepreneurs and contribute to economic growth. The Survey will close on August 16th 2015. Shuraako will release the final report publically in fall of 2016.

The Survey is funded by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and implemented by Shuraako, a program of the One Earth Future Foundation. See  and  for more information about the respective institutions.

Please take the Survey and share it with fellow Somali diaspora.