Somaliland: EU Decamps Hargeisa


By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) –The European Union-EU has closed its offices in has closed its offices in Hargeisa thus effectively ceasing operations in Somaliland

While no official statement is yet to be issued by the EU as pertains this puzzling decision government and opposition political parties have justified the move in very contrary terms.

According to the minister of Foreign Affairs Mohamed Behi Younis the Government of Somaliland is not been officially appraised of the EU office closure though the continental body had earlier on indicated imperatives of staff reduction occasioned by reduced funding.

As per the chairman of the Wadani party and speaker of Parliament Abdirahman Irro the EU had on several occasions warned of their displeasure with the disputed elections as well as ultimate decision to decamp the country if the issue is not resolved.

As the EU opens departure floodgates the next international organization expected to retreat from Somaliland is the UN whose deputy chief in Somali/Somaliland warned during his Hargeisa visit this week,