Somaliland: Soccer to Kick-off Annual Regional Tournament


By M.A. EggeNational Regional Tournament Steering committee

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Soccer shall kick-off The annual regional tournament, with the largest number of participants yet, is stated to kick of the evening Sunday 2nd June, with the unprecedented participation of teams representing all parts and regions of the country.

This 2013 tournament which is hosted by Martoodi-jeeh region (Hargeisa) has also the highest number of competing teams in all the categories of Athletics, Soccer and Basketball etc representing 13 regions.

At the same time, it has been confirmed that the games is to be transmitted live to both viewers and listeners worldwide by both the SLNTV and Radio Hargeisa.

The DG of the ministry of Information, Heritage and National Guidance Mr. Abdirashid Jibril Yonis gave the confirmation to Dawan Media Group last night. The Manager of SL TV is reported also to have confirm ed that the technical modalities to facilitate the live transmission has been put in place already.

All teams numbering 13 has been divided into 3 groups.

As unveiled by the DG of sports and youth services Mr. Mustaffa M. Qodah in conjunction with the committee charged with the organization of the tournament, the group will be thus:-

• Group A- Maroodi-jeh, Bhudole, Sarar, Sanaag and Salal

• Group B- Hawd, Badan, Sahil and Daad-madeed

• Group C- Sool, Awdal, Gebiley and Togdheer.

This is the first time Badan and Buhodle have joined the fray.

On the other hand, this time round Daad-madeed, Salal and Saraar come to the finals on a silver plate, thanks to the absence of rounds of elimination games this year. (See also the Editorial in the next page).