Somaliland: Britain to Reverse Travel Ban


UK Signs a security pact with Hargeisa that shall see London enhance detection of security threats through training and equipping the immigration dept. as well as the CID.

SL-UK teams Sign security  pact  in Addis Ababa

By: Yusuf M Hasan

ADDIS ABABA (Somalilandsun) – The British government is reviewing its travel ban issued early this year.This development was revealed by the interior minister Mr Mohamed Duur Arale after a meeting with British envoys in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa where a comprehensive two-pronged security enhancement pact was signed.

“The British government shall soon announce a reversal of its travel ban for its national announced earlier this year following security threats that the Britons had discerned to be most likely from elements of Al-shabaab escaping an international onslaught fronted by AMISOM in Somalia” Said minister Duur.

During meetings with the British envoys led by deputy Ambassador to Ethiopia Mr Chris Allen two security enhancement arrangements to be funded by London were entered upon by Minister Duur who was accompanied by police commissioner Brigadier general Fadal Iman and Principal immigration officer Mr Mohamed Ali Yusuf.

The agreements shall see the UK government support the installation of modern passport verification equipment at all the country’s airports and entry points thus deter the entry to Somaliland of persons utilizing forged travel documents, an act related to criminality of one type or another.

The passport verification equipment shall be under the charge of the immigration department which shall have its personnel receive related training to be conducted by British experts as well as six vehicles to be distributed within the country’s six main regions.

“The immigration support shall also see the department receive other relevant equipment separate from the passport verifications one, most important is the establishment of a database that shall enable all outposts share information instantaneously” said Duur Arale.

The second component of the security arrangements concerns the police force which shall see the CID department acquire modern skills and equipment related to investigations like ballistic, finger printing etc. thus a better grasp of divergent crimes in the country.

Within the second component of the UK-Somaliland security enhancement arrangement the Special Protection Unit-SPU of the police shall be available new headquarters in Hargeisa, supply with vehicles and equipment specific to terrorism investigation that shall be complemented by the specialized training of 60 officers from the unit.

After signing the agreements the two teams UK-So9maliland were hosted to a sumptuous lunch at the British embassy by Ambassador Greg Dorey

With these arrangements it appears that the British government has made a complete about-turn from its security alert issued to its citizens earlier this year thus back to business as usual