Somaliland: Smoking the Major Cause of Heart Attacks in the Country


A nicotine filled human heart

By: Mo Ali/Medeshi

Somalilandsun – Cigarettes are cheaper in Somaliland than in any other country in the World simply because tobacco companies dump cheap cigarettes in the third world to promote consumption. A pack of 20 costs $13 in UK while the same costs a fraction of that in Somaliland.

There is no data in Somaliland which shows how many people die of heart attack but it is assumed that most of the people that die young as well as those in their middle ages are the victims of smoking complicated by Khat chewing and poor diet. People should therefore, be maid aware of the health hazards and the mental and physical effects of cigarettes on the whole population. Heavy tariffs should be imposed on cigarettes to discourage consumers from excessive smoking.

Cigarrette Smoke filled arteries

“The video illustrates the toxic cycle of cigarette smoke as it enters the blood and affects the lungs, heart and brain. It shows the damage that smoking can do to every part of the body — and explains that every time you smoke, blood that is thick and dirty with toxins circulates through your body in seconds, increasing your chances of a heart attack or stroke.”

So this is the message for the people of Somaliland , particularly the smokers : If you could see the damage, you should stop.In a video below, Public Health England creates awareness among public through the above video message:

Source: Medeshi

Watch Perils of Smoking