Somaliland: Slsun on Maintenance Retreat


Editorial Board -Press Statement

The Somalilandsun editorial board-EB extends its gratitude’s to its entire readership for helping bring the site to fruition through regular perusal of published items, material contribution and utilization of commentary platform as well as submission of very helpful suggestions.

It is with pride that this reader partnership has not only helped advance the sovereignty of Somaliland but solely responsible for having Somaliland sun product syndicated to one of the biggest information news syndicate on earth.

In this milestone the syndicated Somalilandsun content which is suitably categorized, customized and packaged and transferred to dataports in the United States by our client whose distinguishing feature of service is to give it readership surpassing 1.6m (international institutions, governments, companies, universities etc.) an unparalleled experience in locating, consuming and using diverse content that we and others offer, thence better business decisions faster with access to thousands of premium news and information sources, all in one place.

While we have already signed the contract and on three months trial basis the official announcement shall be made soon thus truly making  the globally accredited and ultimate source of news Somaliland.

As we prepare to commemorate on 1st January 2016 our fourth anniversary since launch on the first January 2012 and on the advice of our technical team as per the need for modernization of various aspects of the site, some activities pursuant have been ongoing in the recent past.

During the period in which our technical team has been at work, and owing to conclusion of targeted cobwebs cleaning and having change of template as part of desired changes we are now in the stage that we require to migrate from the old to the new.

Thanks to locally based web developers, Somsite designs who have fulfilled our demand of designing the layout of the new template similarly to existing one and to the satisfaction of the editorial board, which our abroad based developers, maintenance services are on the last lap.

To this effect we the Editorial board wishes to inform our readers that  services are on temporarily ceased from 6th -10th October 2015 though Somsite has promised to see to it that important news is availed readers during this period of data migration whenever relevant.

In the meantime it is to say that as we embark on our fourth anniversary we remain committed to the objective of our launch which is the promotion of Somaliland which was and remains the initially and only essence in the being of 

Finally it is to once again extend thanks to our readership with whom we have managed to impact slightly on the manner the republic of Somaliland is perceived externally and hopefully we shall soon INSHALLAH celebrate together in major capitals of the world the international recognition of our country as a sovereign nation.

Somalilandsun Editorial Board

Hargeisa Somaliland

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