Somaliland: Slsun Editor Goes Missing in Jigjiga


Missing Yusuf

Somallandsun-The Editorial board is concerned by the unknown whereabouts of its editor in chief Yusuf Mohamed Hasan who is missing since the 24th Dec 2014. 

The last known location of the Editor was in Jigjiga the capital of the Zone five Somalia administrative region of Ethiopia where he posted his last piece titled “Jigjiga the Ethiopian town where Bajaj is King Transporter”. Since then not a word has been heard from him.

According to his daughter Latifa, a friend of the editor in Hargeisa received a call from somebody anonymous on the 27th Dec informing that Yusuf was in police custody in Jigjiga in relation to various items published by this site as concerns the ONLF and Liyuu Police.

Though the call was initially deemed as a prank, regretably, the dissapearance of Yusuf makes action important now and we request any one with connections in Jigjiga as well as the Somaliland Journalist Association and Mohamed Osman Mire ‘Sayid’ the Managing Editor of Dawan Media Group to get involved as a matter of urgency.

Meanwhile the children of our Editor namely Daughters Latifa and Salwa and son Gadafi are stranded in Addis Ababa where they were to linkup with their father for a long awaited reunion in Shashamane.

anyone with information kindly contact